Areas of Expertise

Thanks to our team of professionals, we are able to offer a myriad of services to our valued clients. Whether they are looking to build a new home/residential building, conduct full or partial renovations or merely want to invest in a property to develop and sell, we can help you. Our highly qualified group of engineers, architects, consultants, tradespeople, marketers and realtors are available to assist our customers with whatever services they may need.

Custom Home Building

There are two main contract options in building a custom home. One is Cost-Plus Management Fee Contract and the other is One Set Price Contract. Each option is described in detail below.

 JASR Homes Ltd. offers professional management services that consist of a percentage fee on top of the total construction costs.  It includes all the labor, materials, municipal fees/permits, taxes, engineer and architect design fees and a percentage management fee.  JASR Homes Ltd. offers on-site preparation, supervision and management of trades and the contractual obligations and its process. JASR Homes Ltd. works directly with engineers, architects, trades, inspectors/municipalities and consultants to manage costs, timeline schedule and the quality of the construction project. It is our prime objective in this contract option to provide and produce residential/commercial projects in an economical and timely manner with integrity and a high level of quality always being of the utmost importance.

JASR  Homes Ltd. offers a one set price contract option that consists of a very detailed contract between JASR and its client where all the details and conditions of the client are set out and one price is set for all of the exact work (pre-design to final occupancy) described in the contract and what it includes (eg: appliances, taxes, fees/permits, Geotech testing, etc.). It is very important to have a thorough pre-design sit down with us and our architect and discuss the layout of the house or project to avoid any future costly delays and additional costly work.


Why Choose Us

      • Over 15 years of experience
      • Highly qualified team of engineers, architects, consultants, tradespeople and realtors.
      • Vast knowledge of up to date construction techniques
      • Flexible pricing options
      • A strong passion for building homes for families

What Client’s Say

Fabulous work from JASR Homes. I couldn’t be happier with my home.
Sarab, Vancouver
Your friendly, professional attitude and personal touch meant a lot to us. The exceptional quality and finished appearance of the house are a testament to your efforts. 
Bryan and Hilda, Vancouver